How YOU Can Help

Many of you have asked how to support the Kentucky Rising group.  Here are two immediate and needed things you can do to support their efforts:

1. Come to I Love Mountains Day on Monday, February 14th! 
The 14 biggest reasons every person in Kentucky (and the surrounding states) should come to I Love Mountains Day are spending the weekend in the Governor's office. Their names are: Wendell, Bev, Teri, Rick, Stanley, Mickey, Chad, John, Herb, Doug, Lisa, Martin, Kevin and Tanya. Governor Beshear would not listen to their requests so we need your help during this critical time to show support for the Kentucky Rising group and for the mountains and people of Kentucky.  Join us by bringing a friend and showing your love for clean water, healthy communities, safe jobs and sustainable economic development at the I Love Mountains Day rally.  READ UPDATE FROM SILAS HOUSE BELOW.

2. Send a message to Governor Beshear.
We've heard his voicemail is full, so send the Governor an email letting him know your support is with the Kentuckians spending the weekend in his office.

*Tomorrow--Monday, February 14--will be a pivotal day in the entire fight against mountaintop removal.  If you possibly can, please come to I Love Mountains Day to show your support for Kentucky Rising, a group of fourteen Kentucky citizens who have been staying in the governor's office for the past three days.  Their defiance has led to many testimonies from people who say they've "changed their minds" and now understand the problem with MTR.  Churches have dedicated prayer services to the group. Parties have been held in their honor.  A farmers' coalition in Vermont has sent a letter of solidarity with the signatures of 500 farmers. Those are just a few examples of the way this historic effort has inspired the nation.

We've received messages of support from as far away as Argentina and so many gifts were sent to the protesters that they eventually had to donate food to a local shelter and graciously ask that people only send themselves to I Love Mountains Day. We understand that people have obligations that might keep them from being there tomorrow, but if you can, please come out and support this effort.  And either way, please encourage others to attend.

Never has it been more important to stand up against MTR as it will be tomorrow in Frankfort.  The schedule follows below. The most important part is the march and rally on the capitol steps, so if you can be there during that time that would be most helpful.

11 a.m. — Gather at the Kentucky River Bridge

Begin your “I Love Mountains” day experience at the foot of the Kentucky River.  This is where we will all gather, practice a few songs and chants, and kick-off our march.

11:30 a.m. — March to the Capitol

Hold your home-made signs up high and raise your voice -- we are taking our message to the Capitol!  As a unified voice, hundreds of us will march together the ½ mile up Capitol Avenue to the front steps of the Capitol.

12:15 - 12:45 p.m. — Rally on the Capitol steps

Keep those chants going as we hold an energizing and fun rally on the front-steps of the Capitol.  Listen to rousing leaders who are leading the charge for an end to mountain-top removal and towards a clean energy future.

12:45 – 1:15 p.m. — “I Love Mountains” Valentine Delivery

We are bringing our love of the mountains directly to our Governor!  Bring to Frankfort with you a homemade Valentine card (or use this downloadable version) for the mountains addressed to the Governor.    As a group, after the rally concludes, we will head into the Capitol building to drop off our Valentine Cards in the Governor’s Office to let him know how many of us came to Frankfort to celebrate our love for clean water, our mountains, and our heritage!  The power of hundreds of homemade Valentine cards arriving on his desk will help send a powerful – and passionate – message to our Governor that we need his leadership now.

1:30 to 2:30 – Lunch break

After all of that fun, take a break and head through the tunnel in the basement of the Capitol and head over to the cafeteria for some lunch.  This time is also a great time to head up to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Floors of the Capitol Annex to try to meet with your own state representatives.

2:30 to 3:30 – Stream-Saver and Clean Energy bill hearing (KFTC style) in Capitol Annex Rm 129
Think legislators should be hearing about how Kentucky can be a leader in clean energy and not stuck in the past? Want to learn from public health experts about the effects of MTR? Then join us as KFTC’s youth leaders hold a mock “hearing” on the Stream-Saver bill and clean energy legislation. A “committee” of youth leaders will take testimony from citizen and scientific experts on the legislation, ask questions, and more. All state lawmakers are invited to attend and so are you!  Who knows, it may be the most important committee hearing this legislative session!