Saturday, February 12, 2011

Update from inside the Capitol: Mickey McCoy

Mickey McCoy is a former mayor of Inez, Kentucky, and retired high school English teacher. He was born and raised in Inez.

"First, I've lobbied on the state and federal levels, I've written letters and op-ed pieces, and begged and pleaded in trying to convince representatives and others about the destruction of the land and the death of the people of Appalachia caused by mountaintop removal.  Nonviolent civi disobedience is not the wrong thing to do--rather, it is the thing to do against wrong.

"I came to Frankfort with this group knowing that I would probably be arrested; however, the circumstances presented to us have turned out to be a greater opportunity to get our message across to a larger state and national audience.  I'm proud to be a part of the "Sweet 16," and I look forward for it soon to become the "Sweet 16,000." 

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  1. Question for Mickey at the 1 pm discussion

    As one of sixteen representatives presenting a list of demands to Governor Beshear you represent the leadership voice of everyone who opposes Mountaintop Removal Mining.
    Will you stay until he agrees with your demand to withdraw from the lawsuit with the EPA or you and others are arrested?

    and also...

    Will this dialogue always be limited to MTRM and Appalachian regional issues or will future dialogue from the environmental leadership call for a moratorium on the mining and use of coal as an energy feedstock permanently, as a move to address global energy poverty and climate change issues?