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Fourteen Protesters Emerge Victorious from Kentucky Governor’s Office Sit-In Protesting Mountaintop Removal Mining

Fourteen Protesters Emerge Victorious from Kentucky Governor’s Office Sit-In Protesting Mountaintop Removal Mining
Feb. 14, 2001
12:15 P.M.

FRANKFORT – Fourteen protesters emerged from their four-day occupation of the Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear’s office in protest of mountaintop removal mining before an exuberant crowd of over 1,000 people on the steps of the state Capitol.

In a statement delivered before the cheering throng of supporters, internationally-known writer Wendell Berry explained, “We came because the land, its forests, and its streams are being destroyed by the surface mining of coal, because the people are suffering intolerable harms to their homes, their health, and their communities.”

The protesters (who also included a retired coal miner, a nurse practitioner who treats miners, community organizers, a graduate student, and others) had been staying in the office since talks between them and Gov. Beshear came to a stalemate on Friday afternoon, when he finally agreed to meet with them after initially refusing to do so that morning. In the meeting, Gov. Beshear continued to express his steadfast support for both mountaintop removal and the coal industry.
The citizens found his position unacceptable, and refused to vacate his office. When they declined to leave, the governor instructed his security team to inform the protesters that they were welcome to stay “as long as they wanted.” 
The sit-in, which the protesters dubbed Kentucky Rising, has attracted international attention, with messages of support coming in from Argentina and Germany. Leading environmental figures including Bill McKibben ( and best-selling environmental writer Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma) issued strong statements of support.
“People across America today…are electrified by what's going on in Frankfort,” McKibben said. ”It's about time that people said: 'No more business as usual, if that means leveling the mountains of southern Appalachia.'”
The citizens say they will hold Gov. Beshear, who is running for reelection this year, to a pledge he made this morning: to travel to eastern Kentucky within thirty days and personally inspect damage caused by mountaintop removal. “This is only the beginning. There’s no going back at the point. The pressure will continue.”



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  1. Thanks to all. You did us proud. I hope the visit by the Governor has positive results.

  2. This is exciting. I studied the effects of strip mining in Ohio long before they even started mountaintop removal, and it was bad enough then. Just yesterday I said wouldn't it be great if the people of Appalachia could shed their fear of the coal companies the way the Egyptians shed their fear of Mubarak, and demonstrate for the end of MTR. Now I find out you are doing it! Best wishes, luck, courage, and success to you.

  3. Thank you brave people. We appreciate your efforts all over THIS LAND OF OURS!!!