Sunday, February 13, 2011

Solidarity From a Pastor in Georgia

In a sermon delivered this Sunday morning, Jordan Thrasher, from Bold Springs UMC in Carnesville, Georgia, stood in solidarity with the Kentucky Rising protests:

"We have lost touch with the physical. We have numbed ourselves to violence and loss because we see it all the time on TV. We forget how things are real and tangible. We lose our perspective because we have distanced ourselves.

A perfect example of this is in how get power to our homes. It has to come from somewhere, and we need to start paying attention to where it comes from. Two of my favorite authors are camped out in the governor's office in Kentucky right now with other protesters to get him to stop mountaintop removal mining in their state. Mountaintop removal destroys nature, communities, and ecosystems, poisoning the land, but as long as the people get their power…and coal companies make money…who cares? Paul is saying in Corinthians: We should because God does..."

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  1. Thank you Jordan for making your voice heard as a Pastor, as a Christian, and a citizen of Planet Earth. We need more folks like you in pulpits across the world!!!