Saturday, February 12, 2011

Interview with Teri Blanton

Teri is inside the Capitol with 13 others who are sticking it out until things change regarding the people, land, and water from Eastern Kentucky.  Here are some of her thoughts:

"I think my biggest worry is that the Governor is protecting the wrong people.  He's protecting the polluters and punishing the protectors--in this case, the EPA.  The continued, intentional incompetence of the Division of Water is poisoning the people of our state.  I think that's the message we want to send.  Yesterday talking with the Governor and asking him to withdraw the lawsuit--what really bothered me is that the EPA figured out that by using accurate science one is able to determine proper conductivity levels of our streams.  I'm glad we now have a Federal Government that is actually using science to make policy.  If the FDA says a drug is safe and then six months later realize it's unsafe, we should pull the drug.  The same thing has happened with the conductivity levels.  The Governor should ask the Division of Water to follow the EPA's direction and enforce the Clean Water Act to its fullest." 

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