Saturday, February 12, 2011

Update from inside the Capitol: Martin Mudd

Martin Mudd is a graduate student in physics from the University of Kentucky.  He grew up in Louisville.  Here are some of his thoughts on this weekend:

"I feel like this a real step forward for true democratic participatory action in Kentucky.  For too long, people have felt like their only recourse is to vote someone into office.  We've seen that representatives don't always adequately convey our voice and our will.  It's our duty and our right as citizens to use direct democracy to protect our people and our land.  I think it takes courage to take the first step, but it also opens doors for other people to exercise their freedom.  And I think that's something of what we've done here.  I do really appreciate the Governor meeting with us and being so hospitable--he could have just as easily thrown us all in jail, and that's what we were preparing for.  It shows that he too respects the right of citizens to at least redress their grievances with their government. 

"I'm really honored to be here with people that I've gotten to know over the past few years in this movement.  And it's a real milestone that we're taking this action together. 

"I think the real challenge is going to be where do we go from here?  And how do we do it?  Kentucky is really rising up to say that we will no longer be ignored and we will no longer allow the destruction of our land and our people."


  1. Thank you all so much. I am a National Lawyers Guild lawyer from Washington State who is out here in Appalachia last week and this representing activists sued by Massey Energy for protesting against MTR. My wife and I are sitting here in Huntington, WV reading about your wonderful action and about Egypt simultaneously and crying.

    It seems like peaceful demands for change are breaking out all over!

    Your brave actions in Frankfort have brought comfort and strength and inspiration to all of us everywhere who love the mountains and want to keep them whole.

    In Solidarity,

    Larry Hildes and Karen Weill

  2. Thanks for your support, Larry! I think I saw you and your wife at the APIEL conference in Knoxville last year.

    Thanks for your work for our comrades in WV.

    For peace and freedom,